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MESTI Minister Inaugurates Sui Community Durbar Center

Sefwi Wiawso, Western North, Ghana [31.08.2023]

A momentous occasion unfolded today, as Hon. Dr. Kwaku Afriyie, a distinguished Member of Parliament, spearheaded the inauguration of the Sui Community Durbar Center in a deeply meaningful ceremony. The event drew a distinguished gathering of esteemed guests, honorable assembly members, dedicated constituents, as well as revered chief and community leaders. Together, they united to commemorate a pivotal stride towards community development and cohesion.

The Sui Community Durbar Center stands as a resounding testament to Hon. Dr. Kwaku Afriyie’s unwavering dedication to elevating the lives of his constituents. With a strong focus on creating communal spaces that nurture interaction and dialogue, this center is poised to evolve into a nucleus of unity, shared experiences, and transformative discussions.

Hon. Dr. Kwaku Afriyie underlined that this inauguration mirrors the fundamental principles of his administration—to erect community durbar centers that facilitate meaningful connections among the people. Each of these centers, including the Sui Community Durbar Center, has been meticulously conceived to offer a platform for cultivating harmony and shared experiences, reflecting the essence of collaborative endeavors.

This juncture marked the unveiling of the fifth community durbar center commissioned during Hon. Dr. Kwaku Afriyie’s leadership spanning the past seven years. The Punikrom, Ewiase, Anhwiam, Camp, and Sui Durbar Centers each hold distinctive significance, embodying the commitment to nurturing environments that stimulate the exchange of ideas and the forging of bonds.

In his address, Hon. Dr. Kwaku Afriyie expressed gratitude for the enthusiastic support of the Sui community towards this initiative. He highlighted the proactive spirit of the community, which played a pivotal role in bringing these transformative projects to fruition. Notably, Sui was the recipient of the first communication mast during Hon. Dr. Kwaku Afriyie’s tenure as a Member of Parliament, symbolizing his unwavering dedication to enhancing communication within the region.

Acknowledging the challenges posed by infrastructure, particularly concerning road connectivity, Hon. Dr. Kwaku Afriyie assured the community that despite the financial constraints faced by the nation, his commitment to addressing these issues remained steadfast. His promise to secure resources to enhance the community’s well-being underscored his resolute commitment to progress. Additionally, a donation of 300 plastic chairs was presented to the community.

Reflecting on the broader impact, Hon. Dr. Kwaku Afriyie acknowledged the array of evidence-based achievements of the NPP government under his leadership within the Sefwi Wiawso Municipality. Ranging from administrative advancements to strides in agriculture and education, the community has borne witness to transformative growth that directly enriches the lives of constituents.

The event drew to a close with a heartfelt expression of gratitude from Hon. Dr. Kwaku Afriyie to the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon Louis O. Agyepong, the Sefwi Wiawso Municipal Assembly, the project’s contractors, and the resilient people of Sui. Their unwavering dedication and support have been pivotal in realizing these projects. As the Sui Community Durbar Center officially opens its doors, it stands as a testament to unity—a space where memories will be crafted, ideas exchanged, and bonds fortified.