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+233 302 666 049

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Digital Address: GA-107-3073

Cecillia Nyadia

Human Resource Management

The Directorate is instrumental in formulating and implementing HR policies, strategies, and programs to bolster performance across the sector, while also fostering a management framework conducive to sustained institutional growth and development. Comprising specialized units, it serves as a cornerstone for enhancing workforce capabilities and optimizing organizational effectiveness within the sector. The HR Planning Unit takes the lead in strategizing and facilitating career planning initiatives for Ministry staff, including deployment, secondments, and transfers, while also collaborating with relevant institutions to develop comprehensive Schemes of Service. Additionally, the Training and Development Unit spearheads the review and formulation of career training policies and programs, ensuring alignment with identified staff training needs and facilitating staff promotion based on established requirements. Meanwhile, the Performance Management Unit plays a pivotal role in developing and implementing HR performance management systems, aimed at fostering effective institutional and staff performance management across the sector. Together, these units form an integrated framework aimed at nurturing a skilled workforce and optimizing performance outcomes within the Ministry and the broader sector.