| Digital Address: GA-107-3073 |

+233 302 666 049

+233 302 666 049

Post Office Box M232 | Ministries, Accra Ghana

Digital Address: GA-107-3073

Constant Gladjah

General Administration (GA) Director

The Directorate holds the responsibility for translating approved personnel policies into effective management practices within the Ministry, covering employment, personnel records, training, wages, salaries administration, and other administrative functions. Additionally, it ensures the availability of necessary services and facilities to support ministry operations while maintaining an efficient internal checks system. Within this framework, specialized units contribute to various aspects of administrative management. The Personnel Unit oversees staff files and records pertaining to recruitment, leave, promotion, salary matters, and performance appraisal. Meanwhile, the Records Management Unit ensures proper document storage to uphold confidentiality and accessibility. The Transport Unit manages the Ministry’s transport system, while the Estates Unit advises on estate management and oversees repairs and maintenance of facilities and equipment. The Security Unit is tasked with ensuring staff and property safety, and the Stores Unit manages goods storage and timely restocking. Together, these units form an integrated framework aimed at fostering efficient administrative operations and supporting the Ministry’s overall objectives.