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The Directorate is responsible for the design, use, maintenance and development of research and statistics as input into a central database for service-wide use. It coordinates all activities relating to information gathering, processing and dissemination for all the Ministry’s organizations and stakeholders.


  • The function of the RSIM is to provide the necessary advice for policy formulation and decision-making through collection and analysis of data, operations, research and documentation.
  • The directorate projects the image of the Ministry both within and outside the country by disseminating information through its Public Relations and Information Unit on Ministry’s policies, activities and programmes.
  • It also provides a source of feedback information to the government and the general public on the impact of government policies and the general performance of the sector.To protect the good image of the sector, within and outside the country, by disseminating sectoral information on its policies, activities and procedures;
  • To create favourable atmosphere for the effective functioning of the sector by promoting and maintaining cordial working relationships with the other directorates in the sector and with its clients and stakeholders;
  • To provide a system of feedback to stake-holders, and clients of the sector;
  • To create and maintain a data bank of information on the sector for decision-making; and
  • To conduct research into sectoral activities with a view to remove bottle-necks and enhancing its service delivery standards.

key activities

1. International Biodiversity Day

In December 2000, the United Nations General Assembly adopted 22nd May as International Biodiversity Day. This day is celebrated every year to promote biological diversity across the globe.

2. World Environment Day

This is a day set aside by the United Nations to be celebrated annually on 5th June. It is the United Nations’ most important day for encouraging, worldwide awareness and action for the protection of the environment.

3. World Day to Combat Drought and Desertification

  • The day is celebrated worldwide on 17th June every year Since 1995
  • Celebrated on a rotational basis among the three northern regions.
  • The day is observed to promote public awareness on International cooperation to combat the effects of desertification and drought to strengthen the visibility of the dry lands on the international environment agenda.

4. Africa Scientific Renaissance Day

The day of Scientific Renaissance of Africa is celebrated on 30th  June each year in accordance with a resolution passed by the African Union in 1987 to create awareness of the importance of Science and Technology for national development


  • Data Research and Statistics Unit:
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT) Unit:
  • Clients’ Services Unit:
  • Public Relations Unit
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