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+233 302 666 049

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Digital Address: GA-107-3073

Cephas Adjei Mensah

Director, Research Statistics & Information Management (RSIM) Directorate

Research, Statistics & Information Management (RSIM)

The Directorate plays a pivotal role in managing research, statistics, and information dissemination processes critical for informed decision-making and service-wide operations. It oversees the design, maintenance, and development of research and statistical databases, ensuring accessibility and usability across the Ministry and its stakeholders. Comprising specialized units, it serves as a central hub for data management and communication strategies within the Ministry. The Research and Statistics Unit conducts in-depth research, gathers relevant data, and maintains records of sectoral conventions and treaties, serving as a valuable repository of sectoral policies and achievements. Meanwhile, the ICT & Data Management Unit is tasked with managing electronic documentation, maintaining information technology infrastructure, and integrating new technologies to enhance operational efficiency. Additionally, the Public Affairs Unit plays a pivotal role in developing communication strategies, marketing the Ministry’s policies and activities, and managing client inquiries to bolster the government’s corporate image. Together, these units form an integrated framework aimed at harnessing data-driven insights and effective communication strategies to support the Ministry’s overarching objectives.