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+233 302 666 049

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Digital Address: GA-107-3073

Press Release-2022 International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB)


The Parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) proclaimed the 22nd May of every year, to be celebrated as the International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB); globally. The day was selected to reflect the day of the final agreement on the text of the Convention. The objective of the celebration is to increase awareness at the local, national and global levels, of man’s dependence on nature and its resources as well as to highlight Biodiversity as the answer to several development challenges, considering its roles in nature-based solutions to climate, health issues, food and water security, and sustainable livelihoods.

The theme for this year’s celebration is “Building a Shared Future with All Life’’.  The Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology, and Innovation has released a Press Statement. Click to Download the Statement.