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GIRC-Centre to bridge research gap in Science, Technology and Innovation – MESTI

GIRC-Centre to bridge research gap in Science, Technology and Innovation – MESTI

Professor Frimpong Boateng, Minister for Environment Science, Technology and Innovation
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The Ministry of Environment Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI) have launched the Ghana Innovation and Research Commercialization Centre (GIRC-Centre) in Accra.
This is aimed at bridging the gap between research, on the one hand and management of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI),

The centre will create opportunities to engage stakeholders in providing guidance and support services that will help researchers and innovators avoid the pitfalls associated with the processes of commercialisation.

Framework for the effectiveness of the STI programme will be backed by legislation to ensure effective continuity from one administration to the next.

Legislation, in addition, is being pursued to facilitate the implementation of the national STI policy.

The Business Development Minister, Dr Mohammed Awal, reading a speech on behalf of the Minister for Environment Science, Technology and Innovation, Professor Kwabena Frimpong Boateng, made this known yesterday at an Annual Regional Meeting of the Science Granting Councils Initiative.

The President, Nana Akufo-Addo had earlier pledged that a minimum of one percent of gross domestic product (GDP) will be used for research and development.

This will be increased with time until it reaches three percent which according to the Minister will be the primary source of funding for the National Science and Technology and Innovation Fund which is being established to support the development of the STI system.

“The fund will be established as an autonomous body with oversight from the ministry in charge of Science, Technology and Innovation,” he added.

He said through the initiative, the GIRC-Center will act as collaborators to drive and grow research, as well as support the transformation of innovation and research into industry.

He added that a Presidential Advisory Council on Science, Technology and Innovation is being set up as an independent advisory board with a mandate to advise the president on issues related to STI development.

“The council will be made up of eminent scientists, engineers, industrialists and other accomplished professionals and their advice will be meant to assist the president in the formulation of government policies to ensure STI development remains the primary vehicle of the nation’s socio-economic development.”

To also ensure there is coordination of sector activities involving STI, Dr Awal said an Inter-Ministerial Coordinating Council will be set up and chaired by the Minister for Environment Science, Technology and Innovation, Prof. Frimpong Boateng.

He said government will continue to focus on certain strategic technology areas that are deemed very essential in pursing the use of STI for national development.

source: Goldstreet Business