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+233 302 666 049

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Digital Address: GA-107-3073



Dr. Kwaku Afriyie
Cynthia Asare Bediako
Mr. Oliver Boakye
Special Advisor to Minister


Mr. Constant Gladzah
Director, Finance & Administration (F&A) Directorate

The functions of the F&A Directorate is to promote the establishment of effective and efficient general services systems and processes to deliver quality personnel, finance, budgets, stores, estate, transport, security, secretarial and records management services to facilitate the achievement of the Ministerial service-wide strategic plans, objectives and targets. The Directorate is made up of seven (7) units offering various administrative services to the Ministry. These services include General Administration, procurement, transport, secretarial, records management, estate and protocol.

Mrs. Lydia Essuah
Director, Policy Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PPME) Directorate

The Directorate is responsible for the development of comprehensive and sustainable policies, legislations, plans, programmes and resource flow to the sector in collaboration with relevant stakeholders. It caters for the design and application of monitoring and evaluation systems for purposes of assessing the operational effectiveness of the Ministry, its implementing departments and agencies as well as the activities of other key stakeholders in meeting the sector’s short, medium and long-term objectives and targets. The Directorate is the nerve center of the Ministry. It is made up of four Units, namely Policy Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Sector Wide Budget. 

Mrs. Cecilia Nyadia
Director, Human Resource Development & Management (HRD&M) Directorate

This Directorate develops sector-wide policy on HR Planning, Succession Planning, Training and Development and Performance Management. It also ensures that there is in place an effective and stable management framework consistent with the overall manpower needs of the Sector.
The Directorate also facilitates the process of recruitment and placement, employee orientation and induction, retraining, motivation and staff development on a continuing basis for the efficient discharge of their duties. Moreover, it ensures that there is in place an effective and stable HR policy and management framework consistent with the overall manpower needs of the Sector. The units under the Directorate are; Sector-Wide HR Training & Development Unit, Sector-wide HR Planning and Strategy Unit, Sector-Wide HR Performance Management Unit

Charles K. Amevor
Director, Research Statistics & Information Management (RSIM) Directorate

The Directorate is responsible for the design, use, maintenance and development of research and statistics as input into a central database for service-wide use. It coordinates all activities relating to information gathering, processing and dissemination for all the Ministry’s organizations and stakeholders. Specifically, its functions are to; protect the good image of the sector, within and outside the country, by disseminating sectoral information on its policies, activities and procedures; to create favourable atmosphere for the effective functioning of the sector by promoting and maintaining cordial working relationships with the other directorates in the sector and with its clients and stakeholders; to provide a system of feedback to stake-holders, and clients of the sector; to create and maintain a data bank of information on the sector for decision-making; and to conduct research into sectoral activities with a view to remove bottle-necks and enhancing its service delivery standards.

Mr. Peter Justice Dery
Director, Environment Directorate

The Environment Directorate formulates, coordinates and communicates environmental and human settlement policies, planning and management for the sector. Undertakes research statistical and information database for the entire sector. This Directorate is responsible for providing technical support in the initiation and implementation of policies, programmes, projects and the necessary legislative reforms to ensure effective environmental governance and management to enhance national development. Ghana’s economy is based on the environment and its natural resources. Research into science and technology is also based on good environmental practices that support the health of our people and our quality of life. At the same time, the health of the environment is affected by the way every Ghanaian behaves.

Mr. Kwamena Quaison
Director Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Directorate

The STI Directorate is one of the two technical wings of the Ministry in policy formulation and development. STI is created to formulate Science, Technology and Innovation policies, communicates and coordinates Science, Technology Innovation programmes and activities of Agencies and Departments of the Ministry specifically GAEC and CSIR. As part of its duties, the Science, Technology and Innovation Directorate coordinates, monitor and evaluate Science, Technology and Innovation policies and programmes being implemented by MDAs in the country through effective inter-ministerial collaboration. The Directorate undertakes research and builds statistical and information database for the sector. It ensures that Science, and Innovation issues are promoted at all levels of society. Science, Technology and Innovation Division (STID) is responsible for the development, promotion and co-ordination of Science, Technology and Innovation policy; and for the co-ordination of national science and technology policy research activities. The STI also supports and monitors the integrated awareness programme in support of governments Agenda.