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Science, Technology and Innovation To Be The Major Pillar For National Dev’t – Dr Kwaku Afriyie

The minister of Science, Technology, Environment and Innovation, Hon Dr. Kwaku Afriyie who is a member of parliament for Sefwi Wiawso has announced that, the Government under president Akufo Addo has decided to use science and technology as the major fulcrum on which the nation’s development will depend.

Speaking at his turn at Meet the Press in Accra he emphasized the need for all Ghanaians to be conscious of the importance of science and technology that catapult the nation into its transformation agenda. He said in the next 10 years time everything will be science focused on our every day Life , because science forms the basis on every thing we do.

He also said that his Ministry is in discussion with the Education Ministry to let science form about 70 % of the schools curricular so that the country will realise its development agenda. As a result a lot of initiatives in the areas of research and development, inventions of new ideas, concepts, policies and programs to enable the government to achieve its objectives.

He disclosed that his ministry is the main harbinger of all other ministries which set the tone for their development agenda. The minister highlighted on certain vital areas that has occupied his attention like : Strategic Technology Center to transform the infrastructure ; Industrial Foundry for the manufacture of Industrial machine parts like bolts and nuts ; Community Power Generation of solar power, biogas, as well as Industrial and Applied Research Development in inventing tree species, food crops for Planting For Food and Jobs as well for Export.

The minister also opened chapters on other areas of climate effects on the country and environmental issues. He also argued why Ghana that who conceived the idea of nuclear power before Egypt and South Africa has not still made a headway on that sector especially at the time when hydro power has been exhausted. He argued that the nation stands to reap a lot of benefits from the nuclear power.

He emphatically indicated that if the country stands to be at pole’s leap if we address our minds to science and technology advantage. He espoused that his Ministry is ready to ensure accelerated Socio-economic development of the nation. Again also deal with environmental issues through science and technology to make Ghana a safe place.

Source:Nana Poku/