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+233 302 666 049

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Digital Address: GA-107-3073



Procurement and Supply Chain Director

The Procurement Directorate is responsible for managing the procurement services and providing technical guidance in procurement operations of the Ministry per the Public Procurement-Amendment Act 2016 (Act 663) and Regulations (2022) L.I. 2466. It ensures harmonious planning, implementation, and control systems in the procurement processes to secure judicious, economic, and efficient use of resources while guaranteeing that procurement is conducted in a fair, transparent, non-discriminatory, and sustainable manner. The Directorate implements procurement procedures and guidelines, coordinates and monitors annual procurement plans, reviews evaluation reports on the engagement of consultants, contractors, and suppliers, and facilitates annual procurement audits. It also coordinates the Ministry’s Entity Tender Committee and Ministerial Tender Review Board meetings, ensures the implementation of procurement policies and internal control systems, prepares procurement-related documents, and ensures compliance with contractual terms. The Directorate comprises three units: the Planning and Contracting Unit, which develops effective sourcing strategies, evaluates suppliers, and manages procurement plans; the Contract Management Unit, which oversees contract execution, monitors compliance, and mitigates risks; and the Stores and Warehouse Unit, which controls inventory levels, optimizes warehouse operations, and ensures quality control and timely distribution of goods. This structure supports efficient and sustainable procurement operations within the Ministry.