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MESTI and EPA Visibility Webinar Series on International Day for Biological Diversity

The Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology, and Innovation (MESTI) and its partner agency, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), successfully hosted the “Visibility Webinar Series” to commemorate the International Day for Biological Diversity on May 22, 2024.

Theme: “Be Part of the Plan: Ghana’s Progress on the Implementation of the Global Biodiversity Framework”

This virtual event aimed to raise awareness and engage stakeholders in discussions surrounding Ghana’s efforts towards biodiversity conservation and the implementation of the Global Biodiversity Framework.

Distinguished Guests

  • Hon. Ophelia Mensah Hayford (MP), President’s Representative at MESTI, shared insights on Ghana’s commitment to preserving its rich biodiversity.
  • Rev. Dr. Patrick Nomo, Chief Director of MESTI, provided an overview of the ministry’s initiatives and strategies aligned with the Global Biodiversity Framework.
  • Dr. John Kingsley Krugu, Executive Director of EPA, highlighted the agency’s role in implementing environmental policies and regulations to safeguard Ghana’s biodiversity.


  • Dr. Peter J. Dery, Director of Environment of MESTI, provided an insightful overview of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework and Ghana’s Biodiversity Plan. He highlighted the key objectives of the framework and outlined Ghana’s strategic approach to achieving these goals, emphasizing the importance of multi-sectoral collaboration.
  • Mrs. Jewel Kudjawu, Director of the Intersectoral Network Department at EPA, discussed the progress on the implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity. She shared success stories and challenges encountered in the execution of biodiversity-related projects, and underscored the critical role of community engagement and public awareness.

Key Topics Covered

  • The current state of biodiversity in Ghana and the urgent need for conservation efforts.
  • Strategies and actions being undertaken to align with the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework.
  • The role of various stakeholders, including government agencies, NGOs, academia, and local communities, in biodiversity conservation.
  • Innovative approaches and technologies being deployed to monitor and protect biodiversity.
  • Success stories from local and international projects that have positively impacted biodiversity.

Event Highlights

  • Engaging presentations by the speakers followed by interactive Q&A sessions.
  • In-depth discussions on the integration of traditional knowledge and modern science in biodiversity conservation.
  • Networking opportunities for participants to connect with experts and stakeholders in the field of biodiversity.

The webinar was well-attended, with participants expressing their commitment to supporting Ghana’s biodiversity goals. The event served as a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration, reinforcing the importance of collective efforts in preserving the planet’s biological diversity.

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