Finance & Administration

This directorate handles the administrative and accounting business of the Ministry by ensuring that services and facilities necessary to support the efficient performance of the functions of the Ministry are available. It pursues the interest of the Ministry in all financial transactions relating to revenue and expenditure and ensures good financial administration.
  • The Directorate is made up of 29 staff offering administrative services to the Ministry
  • These services include procurement, transport, secretarial, records management, estate and protocol.
  • The Directorate is headed by a Director and has seven (7) units namely General Administration, Procurement, Estate, Transport, Registry, Protocol and Transport Units. The Directorate is headed by a Director.
  • To promote the establishment of effective and efficient general services systems and processes to deliver quality personnel, finance, budgets, stores, estate, transport, security, secretarial and records management services to facilitate the achievement of the Ministerial service-wide strategic plans, objectives and targets
The General Administration Unit consist of staff from different Civil Service classes. They include the Administrative, Secretarial, Executive and Personnel classes. They provide administrative support to all Directorates and the Ministry as a whole. Duties performed include:

Represent the Directorates/Ministry in standing committees within the Ministry, other MDAs and other stakeholders
Provide secretarial support to other Directorates
Provide secretarial support to standing committees of the Ministry Management of administrative documents
Providing secretarial support to the Directorates of the Ministry
Collection and collation of data in the preparation of reports for the Directorates
The procurement unit is basically in charge of procurement of works, goods and services for the Ministry through the procurement guidelines in the approved procurement plan.
The Stores ensures an effective and efficient supply material management system and processes to facilitate delivery and issue of goods for the effective running of the Ministry.
The unit is in-charge of maintenance and repair of official assets and all equipment and facilities (i.e. vehicle, building and furniture). Security, general cleaning service, landscaping and beautification fall under this unit. The Unit maintains an asset register to keep track of official assets.
The Records unit ensures the development of an effective and efficient Records management system, process and procedures for economic and efficient management of the General, Confidential and Personnel Records for creation, through maintenance and use, storage in the semi-active stage and archiving or legal destruction for effective administration and decision making.
To promote effective and efficient transport management system and processes to deliver timely cost-effective and safe transport service. The Unit facilitate the official road transport needs of staff. The Unit is also in charge of general maintenance of official vehicles.
The Protocol Units coordinates official foreign and some local travels of the Ministry. The Unit facilitates staff air travel arrangements within and out of the country.